Sunday, 21 October 2012

Nowhere to hide

I mean 'store' my yarn.

I have a few too many knitting projects on the go at the moment, and more 'in the queue'.

This has resulted in a rather large stash of yarn that need hiding storing out of view.

My large bedroom storage unit was built for clothes, shoes, and my PC, but the yarn stash has invaded and is taking over the space. The storage in the guest room is also full - family visitors who have left clothes that put their flight luggage over the limit, spare bedding, boat linen and boaty clothing, not to mention more yarn (Like I said, let's not mention it.)

Yesterday, I had a bit of a de-clutter. Some 'stuff' went into a bag for the local charity shop but most was re-packed in a more efficient way. There is still no space for any additions to the storage areas but at least it's now all 'out of sight' and the place looks tidy.

As for having a de-stash - go wash your mouth out.

Need to knit faster.