Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Happy Birthday

little Ron - 5 years old today.

photo, Ron at 8months ©TotKat

Ron is a Fell Terrier, with the traits of a Patterdale firing on all cylinders. You can't train the terrier out of a terrier.

Things haven't changed much since the day we brought him home from Terrier Rescue in 2008. He's the same wriggly, bouncy, live-wire, addicted to chasing his squeaky ball and water. But he's so quick to learn and such fun. A great little guard dog who enjoys his snuggles as much as racing across the countryside or along a beach.

Poem from Terrier Rescue
That sweet little terrier you’re looking for, 
has instincts to kill their prey
They’ll shake their toys until they’re dead
it won’t see another day
A friend that’s full of character, 
whose personality truly rocks
Sitting on your lap one minute, 
then sneaking off with your socks
Houdini in the making, 
always beating you to the front door
Taking possession of your bed, 
well you’ve always got the floor
You’ll be resorting to distraction, 
when their aim just seems hell bent
A dog that makes you laugh so much, 
they must have been heaven sent
They’ll give you a run for your money, 
you’re never be in full control
But if you can only keep up with them, 
they’ll leave their mark on your soul!