Friday, 7 September 2012

New training routine

Physio, Vicky, and Coach, Cleo decided that I should move to the next level of training in the rehabilitation of  my knee. The new routine involves more 'core' work and less time on the machines. In fact, I can do most of the exercises (apart from the warm-up) at home, even the ones using a fitness ball. I can't replicate the BOSU (think  inflated beach ball cut in half with flat base but still extremely wobbly).

Dead bug exercise

  • Warm Up - bike 10 mins.
  • Squats - 2x15
  • Static lunges - 2x15
  • Bridge position (on ball) 2x12
  • Superman 2x12
  • Dead Bug (on back) 2x12
  • BOSU - balance on one leg - hold position as long as possible
  • BOSU - squats 2x12
  • BOSU - static squats 2x12

All these are designed to retrain damaged receptors that resulted in repeated injury. The beauty of them is that I can take the schedule away with me and do most of the exercises anywhere there is a clean, flat, floor surface.

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