Tuesday, 11 September 2012

It's all change

with the weather and the pace of life here at Farncombe.

Yesterday, we took a trip into Broadway, and climbed Broadway Tower.

Broadway Tower


Unfortunately, the clouds had rolled in earlier in the day and the view from the top was not so great. The herd of deer in the parkland below was little more than a series of dots in the field and had to wait until we were back at ground level for the photo opportunity. Even then, the colours are muted thanks to grey skies.

Broadway cottages
 After a cuppa in the Tower tearooms, we drove into Broadway itself. Picture-postcard-perfect, it's not a place in which we'd like to live. It's full of touristy shops selling souvenirs and ersatz country items. I searched for a vacuum flask to no avail. We had to travel to Evesham to find one in a large Tesco superstore.

Ron was very well behaved and was admired everywhere he went in Broadway. An elderly gent (from Liverpool) offered MWNN £50 for him.

We bought a picnic lunch in Evesham and parked overlooking the River Avon. After lunch and a short stroll beside the river with Ron, MWNN and I used the public lavatories. We both emerged saying 'those are the cleanest public loos I have ever used'. The attendant was very friendly and handed us both a feedback form  (postage-paid). This particular block has been awarded 5 stars in the national 'best kept public conveniences' awards every year since it was opened in 2002.

On the way back to our rooms at Farncombe, we stopped just inside the security barrier to look at the view across to the Malvern Hills. A hawk was spirelling upwards on the thermals and, despite the lack of sunlight, I had to have a few shots across the valley. A mile further along the Estate road and we were at our rooms where a welcome cup of tea (or two) and a siesta beckoned.