Thursday, 30 August 2012

Challenge completed

four months early

All seven pairs of the Posh Sock Challenge are now finished. I put the finishing touches to Sunday Strolling Socks  last Sunday. I'm very pleased with these. The pattern was great. The yarn was great. The finished product is great. MWNN tried to get a shot of my feet in the socks with Ron lying next to me on the slate patio - as if getting ready for a Sunday stroll. Unfortunately, the battery on my camera was running low, Ron kept moving, and only one shot (with shadow) was done before the battery gave up the ghost altogether. By the time the battery was charged, the sun had set.

The following day, with a full battery, we tried again. This time, it was raining so the shots had to be indoor ones.

Rain or no rain, Ron was keen for me to pull on my boots and head out for a stroll.

I feel at a bit of a loose end now. What am I going to do in September, October, November, and December? Anyone want a tailor-made pair of socks knitting?