Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Working through the problem

Lunch in the shade

I had a session with Swim Coach Wendy on Monday, to try to solve the problem of swimming breastroke without further damaging the knee.

It was a good session. I don't know if it was flattery, but, having watched me swim a length as I would normally do, she said I am very good at breastroke. Fifteen minutes of training me how to breathe while doing front crawl, we decided I was a lost cause as far as that went. I could breathe OK but, as I rotated my hips to grab a breath on my side, I felt a strain on my lower back.

I always thought that my arms were weak but it turns out that's not so. I tried a length with breastroke arms and gentle front crawl kick. Coach Wendy tells me my arms are strong and perform correctly.

So that's it then. Until my next physio appointment to check if the exercises have any effect on the position of my right knee, I'll be doing a cross-breed stroke.

I had a celebratory lunch in the garden when I got home. Having to put up the sunshade made it feel as though summer has finally arrived.

Thought for the day
A thing well done is worth doing.
Hugh Leonard