Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Daughter was right

She said that knee problems were often caused by weak bum muscles. According to the new Physio at the Health and Fitness Club, I have a muscle imbalance in the right leg - caused by the battering said leg has experienced since the first fall from a tricycle as a toddler.

Nike Ladies Team Lite

In preparation for the Physio's prescription of gym work to rectify the problem, I bought a pair of trainers (80% discount) online. Again The Daughter was spot-on with her recommendation of a light-soled pair with none of the bells and whistles needed for running.

I had hoped that the trainers would arrive before I left for the gym on Monday but they were late (arriving ten minutes after I left the house at 12.30, despite leaving the delivery depot (about 2 hours away)  at 6.15am.) The parcel contained a pair of Nike Ladies Team Lite, and a surprise Sports' Direct mug that holds about a gallon, making the trainers look smaller than they are (UK size 12)

The trainers fit perfectly and are very comfortable. I shall be in the gym, rather than the pool, for the rest of the week. Next week, I have a session with my swimming coach to see how I can accommodate the need for 'no knee rotation' during my swimming sessions (breast stroke).