Saturday, 7 July 2012

Making my way back to

health and fitness.

I called the Health and Fitness Centre on Thursday to re-instate my membership. During my absence, my health declined and I slowly put on weight.

Bannatyne 'spa' pool
I  had been making enquiries at another local fitness centre before the re-joining offer dropped into my mailbox. I did like the pool at Bannatyne's spa. It was all low lighting and nooks and crannies. I reckon there would be little temptation to try to break my distance PB there. The gym facilities look very serious though and the membership schemes don't allow for 'suspended months' for trips to France (not to mention it's much more expensive and further from home than Nuffield.)

So, the decision was made to take advantage of a 'free July' and re-join Nuffield to begin the slow recovery to health and fitness after a long period of illness and injury.  I was back in the pool yesterday for a 10 minute 'warm-up' swim and felt wonderful.