Friday, 27 July 2012


Harris Tweed Pattern - Thursday's socks
I'm just over half-way through the Posh Sock Challenge 2012 - seven pairs of socks to be knitted in 2012.

There was a little bit (quite a big bit actually) of a hiatus during Wednesday's Socks (which was a new pattern for me). It was a relatively simple pattern, just a 4 row repeat, but it utterly defeated me before the first sock was finished. I'd made a few mistakes (MWNN says they're invisible) and was disappointed by my lack of ability to memorise the pattern.

I hardly picked up the knitting while we were on the boat and was reluctant to do so when we returned home. Then, having missed the deadline for entry into the raffle prize-draw-number-3, I decided it was time to get a shift on and started up again.

Wednesday's socks were finished by July 14th and Thursday's Tartan Socks cast on. Eleven days later, Thursday's pair was finished. This new pattern (Harris Tweed) also had 4 repeats but, for some reason, I was able to memorise it and fairly galloped through. The combination of yarn and pattern is quite stunning. They were a pleasure to work - so different from the previous pair.

This bodes well for the next pair, Friday's Fast Track, which I will be casting on today during the Olympics' Opening Ceremony as part of Ravelry's Ravellenics' Challenge. This pair must be finished by the Closing Ceremony just 14 days later.

Ready and waiting for the opening ceremony

Why is this such a challenge for me? Because I'm using the same pattern as Wednesday's Walking Socks - which took me just over four months to complete. 

Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew. They're what make the instrument stretch-what make you go beyond the norm. Cicely Tyson