Thursday, 21 June 2012

We may not be getting a visit from the Olympic flame,

but we had a visit from The Queen.

Red White and Blue from the garden for the Queen's Jubilee.

MWNN and I were away on the boat when Her Majesty visited our town on 14th June. When we arrived back home, we were greeted by a Red White and Blue (and Green) display from the garden. The Ox-eyed daisies had overgrown the new lavender plants so, yesterday, I set about clearing a space for the lavender to breathe. The Red Hat Lady Rose bush is thriving in her new raised bed of Anglian peat and the old lavender bush is valiently throwing its purple-blue spikes up through the daisies. Most of the daisies went into the green re-cycling bin but I chose a few to add to a rose and lavender to recreate my own version of the bouquet presented to The Queen by Hitchin growers.

Queen's Jubilee Bouquet waiting to be presented.

The Jubilee bouquet,  designed and made by Maria Noel, closely resembled one presented to Queen Victoria during her visit to the town The bouquet used blue and white lavender (as well as barley and wheat),combined with the red roses from Harkness + flower heads from local organisations and charities.

The Queen was given a basket of Hitchin
Lavender, with roses, by a young man who is a
direct descendant of the young man (William Ransom) who
presented lavender to Queen Victoria when
she visited Hitchin.

In 1851 the royal train stopped at Hitchin station on its way to Balmoral so that William Ransom could present Queen Victoria with a bottle of his lavender oil.