Tuesday, 15 May 2012

New Project

I've run our of things to scrub and laundry to wash so have started a new project to keep me busy indoors (it's raining again, what a surprise) until MWNN returns from the boat.

In preparation for summer, I'm making a picnic tote for carrying things such as kitchen towel, plastic plates and cuttlery, tablecloth etc. I'd  bought some bright 'deckchair-stripes' fabric last year, along with a strong cotton lining.

Having re-cleaned and oiled the machine, I've done the seams and bottom corners of the stripey and lining pieces. The tricky bit of making the handles needs re-thinking; I'm not too good at making the 'tube' type handles. Then it's just the binding ribbon and attaching the handles et, voila, a picnic tote.

What? Yes, there will be a summer - sometime - probably in September and October.