Monday, 7 May 2012

My first Supermoon

Moon rising over London 2011

It was late Spring, 1969 and my first trip to the city that would become home to me in a couple of years time. The first meal I ever had in Soho, London was ushered in by a Supermoon. It was all very 'Blade Runner-ish (which hadn't yet been made) to me, an innocent from the North who had never been to the capital city before.

I wasn't too sure what was happening. This was before the internet made information so readily available, before the TV had made the Arts, Science and Technology so accessible. I suspected I was halucinating when I spotted the moon rising on the way to the restaurant, before a drop of alcohol was consumed. The sight of such a big, red moon rising between the buildings at the end of the street as the Taxi bowled along was a little scarey, adding more than a frisson of excitement to the stay in London.  I'd never seen a moon like it before - or since.

I wish I'd had a digital camera to capture the image. 1969 - I think I was still working with black and white film, despite the decade encouraging all things psychedelic.