Monday, 21 May 2012

It's that time of year again

when we are usually in France, exploring the waterways and rural parts. This year, the beginning of the 'Festival Season' finds us at home awaiting better weather. On Sunday morning, we braved the icy drizzle to attend the annual Walsworth Festival.

Photos taken on MWNN phone as I forgot to take my camera.
Clockwise from top left: Beer tent, sweet stall, albino ferret, festival train, vintage cars, Sea Cadets band
It's a pity that Walsworth has been incorporated into the town. It was once a separate (civic) village and the Festival has all the feel of a village community. Every year, the locals turn out, no matter what the weather (and there have been some doozy storms on Walsworth Festival Day in the past) and raise money for local organisations and charities.

I 'won' three coins from the buried treasure pit, using a metal detector for the first time. I have a Roman coin, an old penny, and a florin. Ron, on the other hand, was a bit miffed that he didn't get as much 'ball-time' as usual because there were cars and 'things' all over the common. He thought he'd quite like to have-a-go on the dog agility course but we had to wait until the team demonstration was over. He was also rather annoyed that he wasn't allowed 'play terrier-style' with the albino ferret on-a-harness that passed by as we chatted to the veterans who were manning the RAF display.