Saturday, 28 April 2012

Practice makes perfect

My new low D whistle gave me a very hard time during my first attempts at playing it. It's twice the size of the 'penny' whistle and requires a different grip. Even using the 'Piper's Grip' my hands felt as though they were on a medieval torture rack/thumbscrew device.

After several attempts, during which I broke  many of the Music Practice Commandments - especially number six, I turned to the Web for help. The best piece of advice on  the Chiff and Fipple Forum, was to use a thumb rest. Unfortunately, Low D Whistle thumb rests are made in the USA and can't be sourced here.

Back to the Forum for more advice. "Try a Tenor Recorder thumb rest".

Hot-footed it through the rain to Myatt's Woodwind, where the Tenor rest proved to be too large. The Alto Recorder rest fits perfectly. And what a difference it makes. Constistenly getting the hand position correct and hitting the low D every time.

 At £5 for a pair, this has been the least expensive 'fix' for one of the problems. Practice makes perfect, or at least 'recognisable' as music.