Wednesday, 25 April 2012

... it's just a different 'ology'

If it had been a piece of modern technology, a laptop say, it wouldn't have given me half the trouble that my sewing machine has over the past few days.

The electric sewing machine is hardly modern technology. Singer introduced the first portable with an electic motor in 1921 - almost 100 years ago.

My portable from Teso is a relatively simple machine. The handbook is clear and concise, so it should have been an easy fix to sort out when the needle kept snagging on a knot of thread inside the working gubbins.

I followed the instructions, dismantled the bits that required dismantling, cleaned their innards, oiled the relevant parts and put the thing back together again. The putting-back-together was fiddly, isn't it always?

At first, all seemed well and then the needle broke.

Another spot of DIY was required to remove the broken needle and replace it with a new one.

The tangle from hell returned - and it brought a friend - the bottom bobbin jammed against the new needle. I had been working (with a break for lunch) since 11am and it was now after 6pm.

I opted for the most sensible solution and gave up.

The boat canopy is almost finished. I could sew the remaining finishing touches by hand. But I won't be defeated by a mere machine. I'll be back to fixing it later today. It may not work in the same way as a laptop does, but there is a logic to how it should be set up to run correctly. It's just a different sort of 'ology'.