Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

MWNN took me into town to the market yesterday, to buy material to make a sun canopy for the back deck on the boat. The old canopy has shrunk after 12 years of use in France and no longer fits the frame.

We found some really nice plain light canvas and an offcut in a striped version of similar.  At a second stall, we bought binding tape and thread. I now have this huge project to design and make in a couple of weeks, to see us through at least one hot season's cruising - no pressure then.

As we passed Fenton's cake stall, I spotted a traditional Simnel cake (no icing,but a layer of marzipan with 11 marzipan balls around the top). We had a little conversation about the reason for 11 rather than 12 with the stall-holder.

She also had rhubarb bakewell tart, sold by the slice, that called out to us for afternoon tea. We also bought two cute garibaldi biscuits that were masquerading as the Easter Bunny next to the iced biscuits pictured above.

The rhubarb bakewell was yummy. I mean really, really yummy.