Friday, 2 March 2012

Ending on a high note

Gun Hill Beach Huts, Soutwold

The weather defied the forecast for our last full day in Southwold. We were promised 'a few sunny periods' by the BBC Weatherman. What we got was full sun all day. It was so warm that the sea mist became a fog late in the afternoon and we left the beach to the sound of a ship's fog horn.

Ron had a fantastic day on the beach, playing with lots of other dogs and chasing their tennis balls. He was very reluctant to leave the sand at lunchtime but slept like a log while we had a lovely anniversary  lunch in the local Reydon Hotel, The Randolph. The Manager told us that the hotel had a beach hut for hire which we're seriously considering for our next holiday. We've been extremely lucky with the weather this week and can't guarantee that our luck will hold out on our next visit, probably in November.

We must vacate the cottage by 10am so will be car-based until early afternoon when we will head home.