Tuesday, 7 February 2012

We're in the same boat now

Boat being lifted out for painting
There's trouble at  't mill Port de Plaisance. The management of the Port has passed back to its owners, the VNF, who are demanding documentation by the bucketload. One  particular document, a hull inspection less than 10 years old, is something we boat owners have not been asked to produce before.  This leaves many of us with a problem and scrabbling in our archives. Had  we known about this last year, we would have had the hull surveyed before she went back in the water after blacking the hull, replacing anodes and painting.

One of the songs we're learning at Singing Aloud, 'Different Ships', really resonates with me.I won't be at the session to practice it tonight as I have another chest infection so I made a short video using the Learning CD version.

Note - this is not our narrowboat ( for one thing, we'd never bring ours in nose first to moor on a concrete wall }. It's someone else's narrowboat navigating the Canal du Midi.

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