Thursday, 9 February 2012

Tea Pigs

What are Tea Pigs? They're little 'temples' of different teas or  infusions.

So not all tea then?
Some contain tea, others are leaves or roots from various plants and are infusions.

So why Pigs?
I have no idea. If you have any theories, let me know. 
ETA - from the website FAQs

Why the name "teapigs"?

Ha! We get asked this so many times. Well, we wanted a memorable name, and this really summed us up. We're just greedy for great tea and will do anything for great tea and will do anything to get more. Fancy being a teapig like us?

I tried my Birthday Hamper's Liquorice and Mint infusion for my sore throat. The first cup was yuck - I'd added a sweetner as I usually do to infusions. These Tea Pigs are naturally sweet. The liquorice and mint is a little too sweet for my taste (never thought I'd say that) but really nice on the throat and soothing for itchy lungs.