Monday, 13 February 2012

Cabin Fever

It's not just the snow. When it's very cold, I avoid going out because of the delicate lungs. Breathing cold air is not a good thing to do.

And then there's the tendency to want to hibernate until Spring and/or eat more (especially as the antibiotics I'm taking are very hard on the stomach) with the accompanying weight gain. I'm not well enough to crack on with housework and am getting very little exercise.

Ron is suffering quite badly too. His back legs are not good so he is on restrictected exercise. We've tried playing indoors more often, though it's difficult to persuade him  not to charge around like a lunatic. There's a limit to the number of bathtime sessions he can have so there is a need for new games.

He's 'invented' one that involves him 'heading' the ball back to the thrower. His sense of direction is not very good and most times the ball goes flying elesewhere, but he really likes this game.

I'd welcome some new activities, too. There is only so much reading/knitting/TV watching I can tolerate.

Roll on Spring!