Friday, 3 February 2012

Animals become like their owners

so they say. Wonky legs ahoy!

Ron has  this little funny 'bunny-hop' that he does sometimes when running.  It's a terrier thing. Sometimes, especially when the weather is cold, or the ground is hard, he limps after vigorous  exercise.

Recently this has got worse. It was so bad last week that he couldn't jump up on the sofa or into his bed (my chair), was sleeping a lot, didn't pester to play much,  and became very quiet and subdued. We weren't worried for his general health as he was still eating and drinking. We decided that .this 'terrier thing' might be developing into arthritis but didn't want him to undergo general anasthetic and x-rays that might or might not confirm some injury or damage.

I think I remember this game

The terrier rescue forums are full of advice about this common problem. First aid seems to be rest, glucosamine supplements, and hydrotherapy exercise - a bit like the R(rest) I (ice) C (compresion) E (elevation) first aid for my leg problem.

We started him on the Glucosamine supplements (human version much cheaper than 'palatable vets' products and containing exactly the same ingredients), have rested him every day (no ball chasing, just short walks on lead) and have added hydrotherapy (i.e. playtime in the bath) after I've had a hot soak and let the water cool down. I'll let the photo journal tell the story of yesterday's session.

Click through pics for larger images

Then drown it
First find ball

Trample 'til dedded


Here it is

That's not my ball

Can't pull the plug if I stand on it
Yuck! Sponge taste

 After a week's treatment, Ron's leg is a bit better. He can jump up onto the furniture and seems a lot brighter. He doesn't understand why he can't have his twice daily game of 'indoor cricket', but water play comes a close second.

We'll continue with the treatment for a few more weeks, certainly until the cold snap is over and then gradually re-introduce ball-chasing exercise.