Sunday, 15 January 2012

"Too much of a good thing

 is wonderful." Mae West.

Can you ever  have too much of a good thing? Perhaps it depends on how aware you are of the fact that you are having something good.

Such as sunshine in winter. We've had a few grey, miserable winters on the trot in the UK so the sight of a clear blue sky for days on end is something to be relished. It transforms the conservatory into a bright, warm place in which to read, knit, listen to the radio, have lunch, and generally appreciate the good things in life.

Willian Arboretum. Molehills in the frost at 1.30pm
Yesterday, we drove to Willian Arboretum, one of our favourite walking spots, and enjoyed the crisp day in the sunshine. Winter frosts have been late coming this year and nature was lulled into a false impression of Spring.

The evidence is in the sight of early spring blossom on the trees and daffodils and snowdrops putting out new shoots, and there are signs of creatures that should be hibernating leaving their burrows (some huge, fresh, molehills in the grassy clearings).

So can we have too much of a good thing? I think not, Fink-Nottle. Sun in winter is a good thing and I for one can not have too much of it.