Saturday, 7 January 2012


plans for Tai Chi, gym, and swimming thanks to Friday's tumble down the stairs.

MWNN immediately applied ice to my ankle and I spent a couple of hours dozing (doped up on paracetamol) with leg raised on the sofa. It wasn't until later in the day that we discovered an enormous swelling around the knee.

I missed a morning's knitting and New Year lunch with Hitchin Stitchin' and am still a bit miffed about that. I had planned to finish the collar and binding on my coat so that I could concentrate on the Posh Sock Challenge.

I doubt the ankle or knee will be fit enough to go back to a full fitness regime next week so I'm going to have to scrap plans for Tai Chi Sword classes. Payment is for 10 weeks up-front and I'm already behind on the value of fitness club membership through illness and injury.

Looking on the bright side - I was lucky not to break anything (ankle, leg, not to mention neck or back) and, though feeeling battered and bruised, I feel very lucky.