Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Customer Service

Fruit in juice, 400g pot range.
Good old-fashioned customer service is becoming rare so it always comes as a welcome surrpise when I experience it.

I emailed SPC (who provide the mandarins in juice that are central to my fruit salads) telling them of my problem of finding 400g pots in local Supermarkets. Sainsbury occasionally stocks mandarins but I was resigned to using mandarins with pineapple. I really didn't expect much of a personal response and was very impressed to receive the following within 24 hours.

"Thank you for your recent website enquiry. A copy has been sent to me by my colleagues in Australia.

We presently make ‘Mandarins’ in 400g pots for Sainsbury’s only. This has been the case since 2009. All other accounts stock ‘Mandarin with Pineapple’.

However, I have good news for you. In May this year we are switching all retailers to Mandarin packs in 400g.

Unlike other manufacturers, we produce our product from fresh in the harvest season. We have sourced our mandarins from Spain and they are being packed as we speak.

Thank you very much for supporting our brand and I hope that you enjoy our new season mandarins.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

I wish you a healthy and happy 2012.

With regards

Ian Wingate

European Sales Director "

SPC has been a part of Australian life since 1918. In 2004 SPC Nature’s Finest® was successfully launched in Europe. It has now become UK’s #1 brand of Packaged Fruit in plastic pots - hardly surprising given the customer service outlined above, and the evident pride in the products.