Tuesday, 6 December 2011

This man deserves more than a mention

Choirmaster Gareth Malone
There have been accusations that TV 'milks' stories and can be voyeuristic in its coverage, but, whatever your opinion on that, there is no doubt that this man is a marvel.

He gave the Community in South Oxhey a much needed boost of confidence and took a school choir of reluctant boys to  musical heights at the Albert Hall,

And then there was 'Military Wives, The Choir'.  Unlike many people, I was not moved to tears by  Military Wives, I'm always too busy watching the man work his magic through music. But I am so pleased that the series has raised the profile of the armed forces, the men and women who serve (sometimes at terrible personal cost), and of the families they leave behind. 

I'm also very chuffed that proceeds from the single will go to the Royal British Legion and Soldiers, Sailors,   Airmen and Families Association.

Wherever you Are - Military Wives' Choir single (video not included, unfortunately)
To those who complain that this is 'reality TV being voyeuristic',  I say "I don't agree". It was good and is continuing to do good - much more good than Xfactor which is all about ego and 'becoming a celebrity'.

In these difficult economic and politically unstable times, we all need music in our lives. So, Carry On Crusading, Mr Malone.
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