Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Good News

about next year's Tai Chi Retreat.

All Saints Conference Centre near St Albans has closed so Glynn has been looking for a new venue. As his day-job is that of  music teacher, he is very familiar with the Rural Music School at Little Benslow.

The school is just a couple of minutes drive away (walkable if one takes the footpath route) so I am very excited about the fact that the Retreat has been booked in for the August Bank Holiday weekend, 2012.

It is also probable that I may be able to attend a Sword Form class during term times at the Letchworth Centre. My old tutor is running a Yang style class that includes sword form and he has said I am very welcome  to practice with the class. I've learned the whole of the straight (narrow) sword form and about half the broad (sabre) form.