Monday, 21 November 2011

A challenge for 2012

Posh sock. Yarn 50% merino, 50% silk

I have neglected my knitting queue which contains at least 3 skeins earmarked for socks.

The one pair I had kept for myself from the first flurry after discovering how relatively easy socks are to knit when you have teeny tiny circular sock needles, came in very handy at the away-weekend.

My friend Sue and I came back early from our outing to the beach and found that the heating was off in the guest lounge. She said her feet were cold in her fluffy slippers, so I loaned her the socks. She was amazed. As soon as she put them on, her feet were warm.

Imagine my delight when I saw the challenge on Ravelry. Just the motivation I need to cast on and provide myself with more Posh Socks.

The Aim:
To knit seven pairs of socks over the course of the year, each pair being named for a day of the week.
Everybody is welcome:
Advance sign up is not required, but if you’d like to indicate your participation, it’s nice to know who will be involved. People can join in at any time during the year and knit at any pace they like.

The Prize Draws:
Throughout the year, there will be seven “SMALL POSH” prize draws and at the end of the year there are three main prize draws and one special merit draw. In every draw the pair must be knitted in 2012 (so you can’t enter socks you’ve already knitted or socks you started before 2012, or that are not quite complete by the end of 2012). The draws will take place a few days after the close of each period to allow for draw entries to be double checked before the draw is made. Winners will be chosen randomly from among the entries. How will prize winners be notified? We will post the winners names on the thread and also PM them to arrange delivery of the prize.

The “SMALL POSH” Draws
Schedule (approx 52 days per sock):
Draw 1 : 1st January – 23rd February
Draw 2 : 24th February - 15th April
Draw 3 : 16th April – 6th June
Draw 4 : 7th June – 28th July
Draw 5 : 29th July – 18th September
Draw 6 : 19th September - 9th November
Draw 7 : 10th November – 31st December

Entry details:
Only pairs of socks knit completely in Posh or Cariad yarn will qualify for entry into these draws. Each pair of socks should be assigned a different name of the week. Each pair of socks may only be entered into one draw. You may have more than one pair of socks in a draw. Previous ‘SMALL POSH’ winners will be excluded from subsequent draws.

This suits me very nicely. While I love a challenge, I know that I will not 'stay the course' to knit a week's worth of socks as there are always so many other WIPS screaming for my attention. I'll be full of good intentions in January and suspect I may end the year with 2 or three new pairs of Posh Socks.