Saturday, 12 November 2011

And so we take our leave

Covehithe Beach.
of lovely Southwold and the surrounding area.

We've had a great week; lots of fresh air, sea, sand and the odd couple of days of sun.

Ron enjoyed himself enormously - especially the sharing-of-the Dover-Sole-in-the-Harbour-Inn part and the going AWAL in the reeds at Banacre Nature Reserve beside Covehithe Beach, where I found some small pieces of amber and MWNN found fossils.

We did hope that we could extend our stay as the forecast for next week is good, but there is nowhere available. Southwold is very popular and the prices reflect this.

The search begins for another self-catering cottage in the area with slightly better facilities and comfort than the bungalow we rented this week. It's OK but not that comfortable. The second bedroom contained bunk beds which was a challenge and there was no dishwasher. Wi-fi connnection was via the less-than-reliable BT Openzone/BTFON system (£15 for 5 days ( five 24 hour passes). We were rather spoiled by the facilities in the cottage in the Peak District with its free wi-fi and all mod-cons.