Sunday, 9 October 2011

What to feed a sickie?

MWNN came back from Dublin with a dose of something very nasty. So far, he hasn't passed it on and I'm hoping my recent flu jab is doing the trick and will keep it at bay.

It's been relatively easy to keep the invalid hydrated and warm having just received some  ingredients in a birthday hamper, including a rather delicious spiced apple and ginger cordial that can be added to just about anything or mixed with water for  a hot or cold 'toddy'.  I added to the 'healthy drinks' dept. by buying lots of freshly squeezed orange and mandarin juice and stocking up on Lemon and Ginger infusion.

I also bought lots of fresh  chickens for the fridge/freezer to slow cook with apple, carrots and herbs for the most delicious chicken broth.

I'm hoping the combination of good food and healthy drinks will improve MWNN sufficiently for travelling oop North for my Uncle's 90th birthday bash next Saturday.