Friday, 28 October 2011

The Lost Practice of Resting

one day every week.

I miss Sundays as they used to be when I was younger - when the shops were shut and only emergency and essential service workers were required to work (usually on a rota system)

Rest is important for our health (physical and mental), productivity (personal and social/economic), and (religious leaders would argue), our souls.

"The hectic pace is causing damage to our quality of life. We are destroying every sense of our being (body, mind, and soul). There is a reason we run faster and work harder only to fall farther behind - our lives have become too full and too out of balance. Somewhere along the way, we lost the essential practice of concentrated rest. We would be wise to reclaim the ancient, lost practice of resting one day each week.

Nobody who is alive is immune from the trials of life. By starting the discipline today of concentrated rest, you will build up reserves for when the unexpected emergencies of life strike… and rest is no longer an option."

Start today - set aside one day on which you will rest - no routine activities, housework, shopping, paying bills, responding to emails and other daily chores. Concentrate instead on those things which give you pleasure or relaxation.

Regain the balance in your life.