Sunday, 16 October 2011

Three generations

The Birthday Boy
came together yesterday evening to celebrate the 90th birthday of my Mum's sole surviving sibling and the 60th of his elder daughter. The birthday bash was held at the Social and Forces Club, right alongside the canal, in Marple.

Ron was very excited - he obviously thought one of the boats was ours as he checked each one very carefully.

He was allowed in the bar and made much fuss of by the barman because Ron happily shared the space with an elderly collie from one of the narrowboats moored outside.

Dancing to the Abba Tribute Band

MWNN and I were feeling a bit rough, still suffering the effects of the nasty virus he brought home from Dublin over a week ago. We'd driiven up on Saturday afternoon, through glorious sunshine, to the cottage we'd hired, a few miles from the venue.

The Birthday Boy put us both to shame by remaining on his feet throughout the first  hour's  'meet and greet' and then leading the dancing with one of his younger guests.

Birthday Boy is still on his feet

The 'Birthday Song' was sung for father and daughter who seemed to be enjoyying themselves enormously.

For some of the cousins, it was the first time we had seen one another since my Dad's funeral in 1995.
 It was lovely to catch up with them after such a long time, particularly at a celebration.

We had to leave before the food part of the evening (after 9pm) as MWNN was feeling much worse. Back at the cottage, we had tea and toast in front of the fire before retiring for the night.