Monday, 12 September 2011

Perhaps TIVO

wasn't such a good idea after all.

By Saturday morning, there were 4 un-watched recordings of the Rugby World Cup on the disc. MWNN wanted to watch them before the next round of games was recorded (avoiding the news has been an 'issue').

Have to admit, the Rugby opening title credits are somewhat impressive.

The Tivo's recording Doctor Who but it's not the same as watching it 'live'. Thankfully,  I have freesat in my study, which doesn't have access to all the channels I watch,  but BBC 1 and BBC 3 are available (not in HD though).

Mind you, I found Torchwood, Miracle Day, Doctor Who, and the soon-to-be-aired Downton Abbey throught the Search facility and have already set up a seried link. Just waiting for Merlin to appear on 'upcoming'. Perhaps Tivo is a good idea. Must edit opening statement.