Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Health MOT

Had a health MOT at my Health and Fitness Club on Monday morning. I reckoned I'd have a LOT of work to do to get back to my previous (rather good) rating. So it came as a pleasant surprise to hear that my aerobic measure was excellent and all the others were within normal parameters (no action needed). I'd like to lose a little weight (weighed in at 57kg fully clothed) and get back to my 54-55kg target.

The blood machine wasn't working so I don't have a glucose or cholestrol score. I'm booked in for blood tests on Sunday morning.  I know my cholesterol is always 'borderline high' but my GP isn't worried by it and is treating the BP which was a creditable 122/78 in 'white coat' conditions. I'm interested to see what the glucose levels are after months of eating what I fancied while ill (not a lot, but mounds of fruit and fruit juice as well as the odd sticky bun).

One niggling problem remains - my right knee. Gary, the sports' phsyio was more interested in the cause and treatment of the hamstring pain, which he sorted out nicely, and made only passing reference to exercises for the knee should it remain painful. It has! Exercise seems to be making it worse. I was relieved when my Sports' MOT person (Chloe) said that the knee was swollen in two places much more than the left. I've always had swellings around both knees and put it down to all the the horse-riding I did in my youth. Chloe is qualified to give sports' massage and she refered me to the Sports' Physio at the Health Club (9.30am appointment today) as well as booking me in for a massage at 11am.

I've already had a month's free membership for meeting the targets of my first MOT but there was a special offer available for anyone having an  MOT (free every 3 months to members) in September and I opted for a session with a personal trainer (Chloe) to help work out a fitness regime in the gym to build upper body strength and strengthen the knee muscles. In the meantime, I have to take swimming gently as breastroke is notorious for causing/aggravating knee problems. I shall have to be very careful for the rest of this week and beyond as my own 'personal trainer', MWNN is back in France sorting out boaty problems that could (most probably would) affect the water-tightness of the boat over the winter.