Thursday, 4 August 2011

and breathe

It's week three (or possibly four, I've lost count) of the boomerang virus-from-hell that gave me a dose of pleurisywithbronchitis and I'm feeling as weak as a kitten.

I'm also going stir crazy (there's only so much reading and daytime TV I can stand) and have pain in my right arm from too much knitting. Time to do something about regaining a bit of fitness and mobility. Time for some breathing and a spot of gentle Tai Chi  warm-up exercises every day.

I am so glad that I booked a place on the Red Dragon Retreat this year. It's the last time it will be held at All Saints Pastora Centre. I signed up knowing that I wasn't in tip-top condition and the Tutor is prepared for my opting in and out of sessions depending on how I'm feeling.

I've dug out the teaching DVD and will work  my way through the Form during the next few weeks.I'm looking forward to doing the Sword Form again, too.

Here's a video of the Man himself demonstrating the Sword Form

 and Part 3 of the Short Form