Monday, 25 July 2011

My cold is subsiding

at last.

The Most Comfortable V-Neck Pullover © Rich Designs

I had to stop working on the baby blanket - not just because of the risk of germs, but also because my eyes were sore and streaming and couldn't cope with the tiny needles, the fine yarn, or the complicated lace pattern.

I've almost finished another afghan throw but I wanted to work on something wearable again.

So I cast on a loverly V-Neck, seamless pullover.

 Sirdar Denim Sport Aran

in a soft, heathered cotton/acrylic/wool aran-weight yarn. I'm knitting it up in a larger size than usual for me as I quite like the idea of a comfortable V-neck roomy enough to go over a T-shirt or blouse without making me feel claustraphobic.  It's a pity that MWNN doesn't like the feel of this yarn as the pattern goes up to a XXXL size and the cost of the yarn wouldn't break the bank. I could knit it in an aran-weight cotton but it would cost much more than buying one from somewhere like Cotton Traders who do similar sizes.