Thursday, 28 July 2011

Hardly surprising

My moodscope score has plumetted to 30%. I've spoken to one of the administrators of Moodscope about the effects of chronic illness on mood and she agrees that there is a case for having a slightly different set of questions for those of us cursed by chronic physical conditions.

To be honest, I expected a much lower score given the fact that I haven't had a dose of pleurisy since before I took early retirement.

Positive thinking pays off, methinks.

© Caroline Pedler 2008

Over the next few days,  I intend to indulge in a few of my favourite things and plan for a lengthy period of convalescence. I wonder why nowadays so few ill people are advised to convalesce as part of their recovery? I blame Gordon Gecko. The decline wouldn't have happened if he'd been a member of The Tea Appreciation Society.

I had forgotten how much knitting helps when I’m feeling a little unravelled. Most of my time has been spent with my computer off, under my duvet listening to the radio, firmly avoiding all thought, (and most people), and over the next week I’ll gradually knit myself back together again.

Lots of snuggles with Ron won't go amiss either.

Sitting in the garden when the weather is fine (or the conservatory when it's not) and watching the flora and fauna is a great mood-lifter, especially considering that I seem to have saved my Red Hat Lady Rose from the drought she suffered while we were in France. We came back to a sick plant with no buds and just a few yellowing leaves. After a couple of months of watering and feeding, she's looking good.