Tuesday, 15 March 2011


is an incredibly energising process.

I've just completed a jacket that is knit without the need for any sewing. It's very very clever and I think I understand how it works. It's knit from the top down and the only thing I don't like about it (apart from the fact that the buttons I ordered haven't arrived and I'm making do with 'temporary' wooden ones) is the neck. It's much too wide and a little bit too low. I'm knitting another version in tweedy grey Rowan yarn and I will start on smaller needles, with less stitches, to make a higher, better-fitting neck.

Having worked this jacket in one piece, I'm keen to try working another pattern 'in the round'. My problem is that this one is knitted from the bottom up. So, whereas I understood how to 'set aside' the sleeve stitches on the top-down one, I'm unsure about how to go about doing the sleeves in reverse on the bottom-up version.

ETA - The buttons finally arrived. They suit the jacket much better than the wooden ones.