Monday, 7 February 2011

Lazy afternon

So there were all these apples in the utility fridge. They'd been there since before Christmas. It was time to make something with them.

Then a parcel from an online friend in Washington arrived. Inside, among all the other 'treats' was a packet of Assam tea from teaism.

BBC7 Middlemarch

MWNN is away doing manly things to the boat. It was Saturday afternoon and I'd finished the housework for the day. The weather was absolutely miserable. So I lit a fire, baked an apple pie, and had a lovely afternoon tea while listening again to  Middlemarch on BBC Radio 7.

The tea was wonderful, smokey and invigorating. The apple pie was not bad either. My pastry making is a little rusty and I think I used way too much butter as the dough was very difficult to roll (couldn't find the rolling pin so was reduced to using a bottle of wine) and kept breaking up when maneuvering onto the plate. Nevertheless, with a dollop of vanilla ice, it made a very acceptable afternoon tea treat.