Thursday, 13 January 2011

Sofas, beds, and sofa-beds

Rosa 2-seater
We need a new sofa. There has been much discussion about the type of sofa that will replace our lovely 28 year old 3-seater that was built 'specially for us. I'm loathe to get rid of it (they don't make them to last any more) but the suspension is sagging and repairs and re-upholstry would cost almost as much as replacement. We opted for a second sofa-bed, with loose covers in a claret colour, because the construction is the only type that provides MWNN with the seating support he wants. DFS throw in a second set of loose covers free. Delivery time is 'up to eight weeks'.

The Grosvenor

We have also bought a new bed to replace the 25 year old Staples divan in the Master Bedroom. MWNN liked the Tempura divan and memory foam matress in the local 'Dreams' showroom. He liked it even more when the salesman said that my chronic illnesses  make me eligible for exemption from VAT on the matress. I wonder if the same applies to sofas?

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