Friday, 8 October 2010

Natural instinct

We had a beautiful sunny day yesterday. So, when I returned from the Red Hat lunch, MWNN and I took Ron for a walk in Wymondley Wood

We didn't take Ron's ball so he mooched around, played chase with a couple of doggy aquaintances we met, and then bounced ahead as we walked along the path in the 'hazel' plantation. At one point he dived into the stalks of weeds growing around a tree stump. He made little pouncing movement as if following something scurrying around inside the clumps of vegetation.

Eventually,  I went to see what had caught his attention and there was a tiny little wood mouse darting into a hollow in the fallen leaves.

Wood mouse
This was a first for our Ron. The first time he'd shown any interest whatsover in the local rodent population.  I clipped his lead onto his harness and led him away.

On our return to the car, I released him and a similar thing happened. He suddenly became very interested in another pile of leaves and rushed to investigate. There was another little mouse dashing for cover - or perhaps it was the same one? Ron's terrier instincts seem to have finally kicked-in.

He's three years old later this month and is obviously a late developer.