Friday, 15 October 2010

Beating the winter blues.

What do you do to beat the "Winter Blues when    the mood swings begin, the hibernation instinct takes control and  everything joyful seems to disappear?

Ten Tips from Great British Life

1 Spoil yourself
After a hard day, nothing quite cheers the soul like a big cup of hot chocolate (or whatever tipple takes your fancy).

2 Let there be light
The shortest day of the year is approaching rapidly – it will soon be dark by home time. Illuminate your rooms with  brightly coloured lamps.

3 Playing with fire
Now is the time to light the fire in the evenings. If you don't have an open fire, consider a gas or electric fire or stove. They can add a new dimension to your home and also create a wonderful warm atmosphere.

4 Pillow fight (don't try this at home, folks, things could get nasty which sort of defeats the purpose of this journal entry) Don't know why the magazine included this one, other than advertising lots of cushions.

Exercise lifts the mood by raising endorphin levels. Fit in as much as you can every day, even if it's just a few sessions of Tai Chi or playing with the dog.

5 Get cooking
This is my favourite time of year for cooking hearty soups and casseroles and baking bread regularly.

6 Slip into something comfortable
Nothing quite says warm and cosy like a pair of slippers and a snuggly dressing-gown.

7 So to bed
Oh yes - the desire to hibernate is strong, when all that is really needed is a proper night's sleep. A good bed and matress are essential, as is a calm and relaxing ambience. Get rid of all that clutter.

8 What a mug
Invest in some cheerful or pretty mugs for those warming drinks.

9 Snuggle up
Now's the time to break out those lap-blankets, shawls and throws you've been knitting. You have been knitting, haven't you? No? Well, get started. It's the perfect winter activity for those long hours in front of the TV/radio.

10 Musical therapy
It's a well knowm fact that listening to music can decrease your blood pressure and heart rate. Take it easy and wind down in the evenings by listeningto some of your favourite tunes. Better still, join a group and sing the blues away!

And finally, my number  

11 Foods to beat the winter blues
Beating the winter blues