Saturday, 7 August 2010

You know it rained on St Swithun's Day.....

Ye gads but the heavens opened and dumped the contents of about a month's rain in half an hour on Wednsesday morning.

I'd just left the house to go to the post office and was wearing a light shirt, jeans, and soft slip-on shoes. I had an umbrella but popped into the local Millets' shop and bought a new coat. I've been meaning to replace my Red Crag Hopper for a few years. It's grubby and no amount of washing according to the instructions will remove the grime, especially from the sleeves.

I went for a North Face Resolve jacket as it was the only one that came in a bright colour that wasn't pink! The pale blue isn't a colour I would normally choose, especially for boating, but it was the only colour in my size.