Thursday, 19 August 2010

Today I be mainly knitting and reading

I have far too many projects on the go, both knitting and reading.

So, I decided to tackle each project using the order in which the projects were started as my criteria.

Reading and knitting projects have been made a lot easier by my new prescription reading-spectacles and an angle-poise lamp. It may be summer but the light is not nearly good enough for close work.

First, the knitting - Some time ago I completed one sock in a trial to see if I could cope with the whole sock-knitting thing that some knitters find so compulsive.

I discovered that socks were not nearly as scary as I'd imagined.

The knitting on the needles in the first photo is the beginning of sock number two in the same Posh Yarn.

Then on to the books. I've a selection of unread fiction and non-fiction beside my bed. The non-fiction pile is the larger. I've decided to start making inroads into the larger pile, beginning with the Life and Death of Mary Wollstonecraft.