Thursday, 5 August 2010

Messing about in boats

Braunston on Tuesday afternoon. We need a replacement cratch cover and went to see what A J Canopies could do for us.

Had a lovely day just looking at the boats, wishing we could have the best of both worlds and keep a boat in England and France (after hearing some of the horror stories about boating in the UK deciding not), and buying replacement mooring pins and chimney cover from the chandler's shop.

We had a very late(3pm) lunch in The Boat House Pub and spotted that very rare species - the commercial narrowboat - passing the pub mooring just as we were leaving. I don't know what this boat was carrying but it wasn't the diesel and coal barge that was a familiar sight when we were cruising this waterway in the 1990s.
Click through for more Braunston photos

You can see from the photostream just how narrow and crowded English canals are at this time of the year - another very good reason for boating in France. If only we could find somewhere in France that we could get maintenance and repairs done at a reasonable rate and where we could buy boatie supplies suitable for narrowboats.