Saturday, 21 August 2010

Location, location, location

Sometimes, we think it might be nice to live somewhere else. We make a list of all the features we would like in a new location.

Letchworth Garden City Station

  • Good rail connections.

  • There are two railway stations within a mile of our house. The journey to London (non-stopping train) is about 28 minutes.

  • Good shopping.

  • Hitchin is a medieval market town. There is a market every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and most Bank Holidays. In addition to two large supermarkets (in the town centre, not on an industrial estate) and chain stores, there is a range of sole traders, some of whose family businesses have been here since the 19th Century (or earlier)


  • Good dog-walking.

  • Where to start? There's Walsworth Common a short walk from the house. There is also easy access to the Icknield Way as well as permitted footpaths across the Letchworth Estate

  • Ease of access to medial facilities.

  • The Lister Hospital may not feature highly in any league tables but the A&E  has served both MWNN and me very well on a couple of occasions. We also have a very good dentist and our GP certainly knows my lungs.


  • Pleasant environment and good neighbours.

  • Our house was built in 1961. It's on a small open-plan estate, with a variety of architectural styles, situated on the edge of town. The house is easy to maintain and we have extended the floor space over the 30 years we have lived here. Our  neighbours are friendly and supportive. The couple (both in their 90s) who live opposite us are the original owners of the house.

  • Leisure facilities

  • My health club is in the grounds of Letchworth Hall Hotel. MWNN uses Hitchin Swimming Pool. There are also local classes in Tai Chi.  Both towns have libraries and museums that put on a range of events. Hitchin is also home to Benslow Rural Music School. There are three theatres in the town, including as The Queen Mother Theatre.

    Our current location ticks all the boxes. Why on earth would we want to move?