Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round

Just watching the sky, the clouds scudding across the sun casting shadows on the garden  where the lavender has gone to seed and the berries are out in abundance.

There's a fierce wind blowing the trees; the silver birch in the road behind the garden looks sick. Its branches are limp, waving listlessly in direct contrast to the wild, abandoned thrashing of the big willow (not weeping) trees in the neighbour's patch.


Soon I'll have to do more than just sit and watch. The mahonia needs clearing of dead wood, the clematis needs pruning to prevent it overpowering the wild ash. The ground polygnum looks so wonderful with its red 'pokers' bringing colour to the otherwise bare corner, but it's invasive and is pushing back the lawn further and further each year. The ornamental grasses are taking over the patch where the lavender grows. I want to replace some of the clumps with new lavender bushes but the time for planting lavender from the farm is now passed. The once-a-fortnight gardener doesn't do heavy work because of his back. Fingers crossed for a fine autumn when we can get to grips with all the heavy digging chores that needs doing.


Looking ahead to the autumn - perhaps the black squirrel will visit the garden again.

Planning various activities

Woad dyeing - with the knitter's group.

Singing - acapella in an all-female group.