Thursday, 29 July 2010

Posh Stuff

I was going to sulk. Postman-inna-van delivered a parcel at 7am yesterday that wasn't a PPP (Posh Pink Package). As we have only one delivery a day, I was resigned to waiting until the following day - and sulking. That was until MWNN opened the inner porch door and found the post that Postman-onna-bike had delivered at 9.15 that morning. There was a card telling me a package too large to put through the letterbox was waiting at the sorting office.

Went to the sorting office about four hours later as per instructions and found my PPP strapped to a cardboard box containing an order from a printing firm.

Was going to sulk at Postman-onna-bike for not removing PPP from its rubber band restraints and popping it through the box with the letters but I wasn't  in a sulking mood as I unwrapped Lonely Sea from its Pink Packaging. It is 'as described on the tin', beautiful in all its lonely silvery grey sea-ness.

Posh Yarn's Tony and Dee are magicians when it comes to dyeing yarn.