Wednesday, 14 July 2010

At the beginning and end of the French trip, we visited the WW1 wargraves in the St Quentin area. One of my grand uncles (JA Ryder) was killed near Villeret, on 21st March 1918, while serving with the Manchester Regiment. There is no known grave for him.

I found it quite emotional when we found his name (Ryder) on the Wall at Pozieres, quite a distance away from where he was killed. There is one grave at Savy inscribed to 'A Lance Corporal' of the Manchester Regiment, killed at about the same time. It's unlikely to be my uncle as Savy is on the opposite side of St Quentin, close to the area known as Manchester Hill.

There are about 100 photos in my collection, a mere fraction of the numbers of Manchester men who were killed in the St Quentin area in the war to end all wars.