Saturday, 1 May 2010

Ale straight from the barrel

Thursday was Knitting Group Workshop Day.

In the morning, we learned how to 'finish' a project professionally. The afternoon session was 'free knitting' where each member worked from her imagination to create a piece that would be added to a group wall hanging later in the year.

Lunch was in an 'un-mucked-about-with' pub in the village, The Cock just across the road from the workshop venue.

This is an unusual pub - it doesn't have a bar. There are various-sized rooms connected by a wood-panelled corridor. In the middle of the pub is the 'back room' which houses the drinks cabinets and till. Transactions are conducted in the doorway of the 'back room'. The group was served in the largest of the customers' rooms at the rear of the pub, adjoining the kitchen.