Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Strike the warrior pose

What is being commemorated in this pose’s name, and held up as an ideal for all practitioners, is the “spiritual warrior,” who bravely does battle with the universal enemy, self-ignorance (avidya), the ultimate source of all our suffering.

This challenging pose strengthens the entire body while improving mental capacity and self control. It builds, shapes and tones the entire lower body. It tones the abdominal section and helps to prevent, reduce and eliminate back pain. The entire upper body -front and back - is worked and doing this pose increases the capacity of the respiratory system.

Just the thing for warding off negative vibes from those who would seek to undermine us.

It's a good warm-up stretch too.

Sewing Class is cancelled for today. Someone up there likes me -  I need a pattern, cutting board, fabric, before starting a Tote with zipper.